pink hearts airbrush
Scene hearts (cart item)
Pink hearts (cart item)

airbrush car t-shirt

Cars custom

airbrush portrait


airbrush t-shirt angels

Shopping cart item
airbrush t-shirts love

Mom & Grandmom
airbrush birthday t-shirt

Birthday Shirts


Double & Group Portraits

football grandfather

Dads, Grandfathers

Basketball airbrush t-shirt

Sports designs

Airbrush beach scene with dolphins shirt

Dolphins designs
Shopping cart item

Airbrush name on t-shirt by BurrartDesign

Lettering examples

Custom Airbrush Keyrings

Airbrush keyrings
Shopping cart item

Custom airbrush license plates by BurrartDesign

License plates
For cars and trucks
Shopping cart item

Lanyards custom airbrushed by BurrartDesign

Airbrush lanyards
Shopping cart item

lettering styles airbrushed on t-shirts

Lettering styles chart
Variety of lettering styles to choose from can be used alone or with other designs

portrait airbrushed  on t-shirt

Single portraits
Double and group portraits

pet portrait

Pets, animals

Andy Warhol signed airbrush t-shirt

Celebrity-signed shirts
Display only, not for sale.

Airbrush infant t-shirt

Children and infantwear

Airbrush car on t-shirt


Airbrush truck on t-shirt


motorcycle shirt


apple tree airbrush by BurrartDesign

Apple tree shirts
Shopping cart item

Online Mail Ordering
Since 2002!

Marley Station Mall, Race-Wear Store
Racewear is on the second floor next to Macy's

  •   Secure ordering, all credit cards. PayPal merchant. You do not need to join PayPal to make a payment.
  •   Allow 7 to 10 business days for shopping cart items. More detailed work can take 2-3 weeks. 
  •  Shipping is USPS Priority Mail, and is $5 for orders under $60.  Customers are responsible for additional shipping fees outside the US. USPS Priority shipping is free for orders over $60.
  •      All orders must be paid in full before being painted and shipped. Billing is only by request. 
  •     If sending an item, please print the mail-in form, and follow mailing instructions.  

Request work or price quote online

         Or e-mail


  • Artist is available in store most Saturdays: check schedule with store manager or e-mail artist (address below)
  • Most work available while you wait
  • Store is open every day regular mall hours to pick up or drop off orders
  • Full stock of white shirts available in all sizes from infant to 5XL. Limited color stock and sweatshirts also available. You may bring your own item.
  • Phototransfers from your photos. To save time e-mail photos to address below before you come.

Hire artist for your party or event!
Baltimore, DC and northern Virginia local
Airbrushing and Caricatures

Online form to request work or price quote

Or e-mail request to

E-mail airbrush requests to   NO SOLICITORS.

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